The Culture of Content Creation
In today’s world of social media, digital voices rant and rave, ruminate on their experiences, give life to the world’s causes, bring fame to the worthy, bring shame to the unworthy, denounce dishonesty and evil, and preach a million variations on truth. But while the voices are loud, the social media movement is, for the most part, a faceless movement. Conversations, discussions, relationships, business partnerships, and friendships exist where face-to-face encounters do not. Such is the nature of the Internet, and why this project, The Culture of Content Creation, was launched.

For more than 4 years, Elastic Lab commissioned video interviews with digital content creators of all kinds—bloggers, vloggers, reviewers, journalists, filmmakers, educators, artists, technologists, consultants, and many others who defy labels. But we wanted to do more than put a face on social media. We wanted to provide a sense of intent, of motive, of spirit, of value, of integrity, of artistry, and of humanity. We commissioned over sixty interviews. These films are a sampling of many hours of footage shot by our network of North American filmmakers.


©2013. The Culture of Content Creation is an Elastic Lab project.